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As a leader in energy and demand side management solutions, GlobalMavin helps commercial and industrial users, as well as power distribution providers through our home automation solutions, to:

  • Boost operational effectiveness and boost productivity.
  • Reduce the cost of electricity.
  • Aid in locating and minimizing losses

Potential customers can reach out to us to discuss how we can customize our solutions for their use. This device can generate up to 30% energy savings as well as operations & maintenance savings and deliver a 6 – 18 month payback. It aids in the monitoring and control of energy usage. Also, it optimizes both the cost of power and the performance of the equipment. It eliminates inefficiencies and leakages.

  • Comprehensive Wireless Energy Management System for Power, Flow, Temperature, Humidity etc.
  • Cost-effective wireless power monitoring system for industrial and commercial consumers.
  • Energy Trading monitoring and power purchase optimization tool for customers with multiple sources of power

Initially, people viewed technology as mere computers and the internet, but now technology has progressed and has expanded into automation in homes and offices. Moreover, we are at a stage where we can automate almost everything in our homes and offices, from security and lighting to cooling systems, audio systems, pool and spa equipment, and much more. In conclusion, home and office automation is a booming technology, and it has become a basic requirement for any home or office for ease of operations, security, and comfort.

Along with the increasing demand for home and office automation, the technology has grown rapidly, leading to the development of advanced automation systems. These systems are designed to simplify daily tasks and enhance comfort and security. Also, these systems come with energy-efficient solutions that reduce power consumption, resulting in cost savings for its customers.

Moreover, the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled these automation systems to become more intelligent and responsive to user needs. The automation systems can now be controlled remotely via smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices. Thus, this helps everyone to manage their automation systems from anywhere and anytime, providing greater flexibility and convenience.


  • Extremely low cost
  • Wireless and cloud-hosted system
  • Cross-platform support
  • Accurate and secured data
  • Automated reporting
  • Advanced alerts system and notification
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