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Cell Tower Management

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Being an IoT product, our cell tower management system offers a smart solution by giving you a thorough insight into process performance, asset performance, and energy analysis to find opportunities for energy optimization. It provides total access to the cell tower and its operations, which can be monitored and managed remotely via a reliable maintenance mapping system, improving asset performance, lowering apex costs, and reducing fuel consumption. Additionally, it provides real-time information or alerts on any unexpected activities that take place in the Cell Tower. Also, tower history can also be excesses for better maintenance and analysis of tower. Please contact us to know more about our cell tower management system!

Cell Tower Management


  • Monitor equipment performance & alarms on 24 x 7 basis
  • Using sensors, meters, and GPRS-based wireless communication
  • A single screen with the ability to view the status of all sites without human interaction.
  • Alert using Emails and SMS
    Escalate automatically if problems persist
  • An end-to-end solution with software and service on a subscription basis
  • Reporting on alerts, performance, and important recommendations on a regular basis

Alert Signals

  • Diesel Generator ON and OFF Consumption, Main Supply and/or Diesel Generator Cut-Off
  • High Temperature, Low Fuel
  • Diesel Generator Battery alerts
  • Fuel Receipt
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