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Application Development Services

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GlobalMavin has an excellent team of Website Development and Application professionals who are highly experienced to provide eminent cutting-edge solutions in various programming Languages and frameworks. We assist in the deployment of the app in the store as well as its maintenance and support. To minimize risks, we follow the Agile Development Methodology.

IoT Application Development

Given the growing significance of IoT in today’s connected world, our team makes it a priority to stay up to date with the newest cutting edge technologies and solutions in accordance with the needs of our customers. Our Internet of Things (IoT) services for mobile app development seek to alter businesses by offering intelligent products and mobile options that connect the real world and the virtual one. We specialize in building unique Internet of Things (IoT) applications for Android and iOS platforms with intelligent IoT solutions for small and medium-sized organizations in a variety of industry verticals. Our services include:

  • IoT Strategy and consultation
  • IoT platform, gateway framework, data processing
  • Strategy roadmap and consulting for transforming business models, solution architectures (micro-services based) for device management and operations
  • Real-time data collection and tools
Application Development Services

Website and App Development

With everything moving online, having a strong online presence that surpasses your rivals has become crucial. In order to do this, we assist our clients in creating websites or web applications that can enhance employee engagement and operational efficiency. A dynamic website framework that can incorporate the newest technology and attractive design is therefore required. Whether working on a brand-new project or an ongoing one, our talented staff always makes sure to find the ideal answer. Based on their needs, we provide progressive and responsive web apps to our clients.
Our Web development services

  1. Full Stack Development
  2. API and Backend Development
  3. UI/UX Design
  4. Custom Development
  5. CMS

Ecommerce Development

Having an ecommerce website helps broaden your sales and diversify your products, thus boosting your business. Our team of professionals guarantees an ecommerce website that is effective and simple to use, on par with your competitors. We have expertise in developing various types of ecommerce websites, ranging from B2B and B2C to auction and booking websites as well. If required, we can also help in maintaining these websites on a regular basis.

Chatbot Development

As chatbots become more crucial to communications and data collection, we develop intelligent chatbots that can offer 24/7 tailored support to your customers. Depending on the needs, our chatbot creation services assist in creating application-based, rule-based, or AI bots. To choose the applicable bot for your services, it’s particularly important to think about what the bot must be able to do and, above all, what the user expects from the company.

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